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Above  Manners Mall, Wellington

 Manners Mall is also the heart of Wellington and is the heart of Nuclear Weapons Free New Zealand.


Below Sir Robert Muldoon Prime Minister, arriving to open the Manners-Cuba Mall in Sepetember 1979


The City Is Ours Incorporated

President:-   Maria van der Meel

Contact Phone Number  027-3226311

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Events of significance to Manners Mall in 2009.
A February:  E-petition: Save Manners Mall 1605 signatures in 3 weeks
    November: E-petition: Manners Mall will be protected, saying no to revocation 1919 in 3 months
B March/April: Wellington loves Manners Mall campaign 
C August: Celia Wade-Brown resigns after seven years as President of Living Street Aotearoa.
D October: Kerry Prendergast takes Transport Portfolio of Andy Foster
E  December: Revocation of Manners Mall pedestrian status Voting 8 for -5 against- 1 abstained- 1 conflict of interest special thanks to Councillors Pepperell, Goulden, Wain, Coughlan and Gill.
F Manners Mall on National TV news no less then six times!!
G Chalk the Walk
H Manners Mall Market Day, Saturday 24 October 2009
 I Human Rights Day Sleepover 10 December 2009
J. Human Bus Protest  11 December 2009 
December 2008 Submissions "Restoring the Golden Mile" ......................722 - 74% oppose idea running buses through Manners Mall
December 2009 Dompost Poll "Should buses run in Manners Mall" ........724 - 68.2% still opposing this idea one year later
December 2009: Continued
The City is Ours makes an appeal to the Environment Court to quash the declaration made by council to revoke the pedestrian status of Manners Mall.
January 2010 Wellington City Council plans to propose traffic resolutions for the Golden Mile put on hold for two months 
February 2010 Wellington City Council sends letter to retailers advising the traffic resolutions scheduled for the beginning of March on hold again.
March 2010 Mediation The City is Ours vs Wellington City Council from 10.00am till 1.30pm no resolution
April 2010 In Court from the 6th of April till the 8th of April WCC seeks ruling in their favour and by 4th of May citing the Rugby World Cup urgency.
April 2010 City is Ours Inc. dismisses its Agent Benjamin Easton on the 8th of April last day of the proceedings.
April 15th Judge Thompson rules in favour of Wellington City Council complying with their request and urgency for Rugby World Cup, reserved costs.
April 30th Last day to lodge costs with the Environment Court, the CIO won't be seeking any.
May 5th Works to commence on Manners Mall as part of the Golden Mile/ Rugby World Cup.
May 14th Last day to file against costs if any


 Richard Tingey Submission to Wellington City Council October 2009

First Name: Murray Richard....called Richard

Last Name: Tingey

City: Levin

I would like to make an oral submission: Yes

I am making this submission:
on behalf of an organisation

Organisation Name: The City Is Ours

What do you think of the proposal to revoke the pedestrian status of
Manners Mall to allow buses to travel through: I filled a Statement Of 
Proposal submission form, as an individual too.
My three points here are:- (1) Manners Mall was opened by Prime Minister 
Robert Muldoon, who arrived in an enclosed sedan chair, carried by four 
costumed footmen. His historic opening ceremony officially atoned the 
motorway's destruction in victorian Thorndon that included Bolton Street 
Cemetery's Pioneer Wellingtonians' graves. Manners Mall is transfered sacred 
ground. It is a traditional sacred site. 
(2) The major Statement of Proposal matter, in Appendix page ii, of the bus 
carriageways' planned 6 m width, was not fairly represented in the Summary 
Brochure's mention as, about 6 m, on page 6, below the proposed bus lane 
drawing. LGA 2002 s.89(a) applies.
The proposal is thus unfairly represented and needs to be renotified giving 
a further month for submissions.
(3) The Statement of Proposal's page 10, 41.4 expectation of the bus lanes 
proposal being of negligible disbenefit, suggests further explanation is 
required, especially when thirteen benefits of the bus lanes are posed 
against only four disadvantages. This 13 to 4 imbalance would be gratefully 
redressed with reasons why the above disbenefit is expected to be negligible.

Many thanks.

What do you think about the proposal to create a shared space in lower
Cuba Street to compensate for the loss of pedestrian space in Manners Mall, 
and which of the scenarios presented do you prefer: 
No comment, because I want the present Manners Pedestrian Mall to stay and